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A unique combination of B2B and B2C Pharma distribution

SurgimedCart is a brand in the pharmaceutical industry that uses an extremely cutting-edge module to do business. SurgimedCart is a top-tier pharmaceutical franchise that is WHO-GDP recognised and ISO 9001:2005 accredited.

A B2B pharmacy distribution network called SurgimedCart offers comprehensive marketing and distribution services. While the sales have a large network of wholesalers and retailers, strengthening the distribution side that caters to rare medications, the marketing aspect includes effective marketing services that increase sales. Distribution, management, marketing, and IT support are all included together.

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Supply Chain

The goal of SurgimedCart is to streamline the supply chain for cancer therapy and diagnosis.

The business offers a wide variety of cancer medications. a variety of cancer detection tools. exclusive access to the most recent cancer treatment resources. and a wide selection of medicinal food items from reputable manufacturers at the best rates.

Talent Industry

SurgimedCart is powered by ambitious professionals in the field.

With a top-notch staff handling execution, SurgimedCart is becoming the preferred partner for significant firms in the sector. Its portfolio includes the top domestic and worldwide cancer enterprises.

Wheels Of Inovation

SurgimedCart is in charge of driving innovation..

SurgimedCart offers a complete distribution and marketing solution. From the point of supply to the final delivery site, it offers services. "Provide the necessary medicine at the right moment," is SurgimedCart's pledge.

Reliable Network

SurgimedCart establishes a trustworthy network all throughout the nation.

The distribution of cancer goods is easy and smooth with SurgimedCart. Thus, by doing away with the multi-layered chain, a significant portion of the cost associated with product delivery is reduced. This enables SurgimedCart to provide the highest-quality goods at the most competitive pricing..

Cancer Treatment

SurgimedCart works to provide access to cancer screening and care all across the world.

The accessibility of cancer treatments and equipment is one of the main obstacles to reducing cancer mortality rates. Even while there exist cancer treatment facilities, they are out of reach due to their exorbitant expenses. especially for those in low-income groups, where cancer is most common. SurgimedCart aims to address this issue.!

Advance Technology

SurgimedCart is setting the standard for cutting-edge technology.

Additionally, SurgimedCart offers a unique ERP solution. It has been a leader in advancing excellent marketing solutions. With Simple procedures like making an order, tracking transactions, monitoring their status, cancelling orders, and cancelling shipments are made possible by the sophisticated ERP software. important figures easily reachable

Specility Pharma

The unorganised speciality pharma sector is being organised by SurgimedCart.

The business offers its products and services to doctors, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Additionally, it coordinates with local partners, wholesalers, and franchises.

Quality Promise

An assurance of excellence—SurgimedCart

Bringing together the best value and the finest calibre. SurgimedCart excels at delivering specialised items better than anybody else!

Our Awards, Certifications, And Membership

Defining the success standards.

Surgimedcart Pvt Ltd is a firm that has received both ISO 9001:2015 and FPME certifications. It specialises in the export, distribution, and supply of specialty medical diagnostic and surgical goods.

Our Awards and Certification

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