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Our responsibility

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.

Our responsibility

Live Life For Society, While Doing Good For It

The primary objective is to make good use of it. The only worthwhile use of money is to make the world a better place utilising your wealth and resources. We have also planned Cancer Walks to increase public awareness of cancer. The ground-breaking project by which uses the Memo testing bus to facilitate cancer diagnosis theory, is also featured in SurgimedCart.

We support creating a better world. providing drugs that can save a person's life. assisting patients in finding a cure. stepping up in a crisis. assisting society in improving the standard of living We try to be there for those in need who yearn for support. In our effort to create a healthy planet, we exclusively advocate ecologically responsible methods. SurgimedCart is taking things one step at a time, collaborating with ethical suppliers and seeking out franchise that share its values.

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Social Impact

SurgimedCart pledges to stand for a cancer-free society.


Giving back to society is not charity, but our responsibility.

Society Efforts

Making awareness, availability, and accessibility of medicines a reality.

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