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Technology Support

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We promise safe and efficient delivery of specialty products. And our superior warehousing facilities help us in doing so. SurgimedCart has fortified 2 operational warehouses of 2000 sq. ft each. These advanced warehouses are full functional in the West and North Zones. And 2 more of the same size are cropping up in the South and East Zones of the country.

All these warehouses offer one-of-its-kind storage facility. The warehouses are apt for the temperature-sensitive specialty medicines. They come with advanced temperature control system and cold storage facility.

Each of our facilities have the capacity to manage diverse types of products. From specialty medicines to generic drugs, healthy foods to surgical and diagnostic tools. These facilities have advanced inventory and warehouse management systems. This offers real-time tracking and visibility of shipments.


We promise pre-eminence in customer services. And our skilled employees help us in achieving this!

SurgimedCart has an intensive process for picking the right personals. We also conduct extensive and detailed training programs to chisel their skills. Employees and associates benefit from our advanced training programs.

The courses highlight Good Distribution Practices in the Pharmaceutical industry. It pushes the envelope of innovation in customer service. Experts elucidate the storage and warehouse facilities. They educate about the specialty products. SurgimedCart makes sure that every person in the loop is skilled!

The company conducts detailed knowledge sharing sessions designed by experts. These frequent sessions keep brushing the latest GDP requirements. This not only helps in achieving the desired goals but also aids in exceeding them.

Technology Support

We promise to be the pioneers of the pharma distribution. And we deliver this through the use of cutting-edge technology.

The smart execution of technology has deflated our delivery time to a single day. And that day is not far when the delivery time will recede to mere minutes! With this we aim to solve the issues of overstocking which is the No. 1 reason for returned products.

SurgimedCart is changing the last-mile delivery landscape with latest technology. We have a dedicated tech-team spinning the wheel of innovation. Electronic ordering. Drone delivery. Artificial intelligence. Predictive analysis. On-the-go traceability. The future of distribution and delivery is all about technology.

Our live tracking ERP model provides better insight into what is actually happening at every step during delivery. This aids in identifying potential issues, revoking or redirecting shipments even at the very last minute.


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