Who We Are

ABOUT Surgimedcart

SurgimedCart is a Mumbai based Pharmaceutical Distribution Company. Steered to deliver high-quality specialty products. It is a brainchild of leading professionals of the super-speciality sector. SurgimedCart aims to simplify the supply chain for cancer diagnostics and treatment.

The company caters to a big basket of cancer medicines. A bouquet of cancer diagnostic equipment. Exclusive access to the latest cancer medical materials. And an array of medical food products from reputed companies at best prices. SurgimedCart is steering the wheels of innovation and technology. Striving to make cancer prevention and treatment accessible across the globe. One of the biggest barriers to changing cancer statistics is the availability of cancer medicines and equipment. Even if the cancer facilities are available, their high costs make them inaccessible. Particularly for the low-income group’s people where cancer is most prevalent. SurgimedCart strives to change this scenario!

SurgimedCart secures a credible and reliable network across the country. It makes the delivery of cancer products simple and seamless. Thus, cutting down a big chunk of expense in the delivery of products by eliminating the multi-layered chain. This helps SurgimedCart deliver the best quality products at the most affordable prices. In this pursuit, SurgimedCart offers an integrated distribution and marketing solution. It caters through the point of supply to the final destination of delivery. SurgimedCart pledges the pact of,“delivering right medicine at the right time “. The company caters to pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, health care providers and doctors. It also aligns with distributors, wholesalers and local partners.
SurgimedCart also provides a one-of-it’s-kind ERP solution. It is a pioneer in supporting superior marketing solutions. Its advanced ERP software facilitates simple knacks in a few clicks. Order placing. Transaction tracking. Status monitoring. Orders cancellation. Shipment Revocation.  Insights into crucial data. Important statistics. Made available easily!. With an exceptional team at execution, SurgimedCart is evolving as the partner of choice for major players of the industry. It flaunts the leading national and international cancer companies in its portfolio. Blending the best of quality with affordability.
When it comes to delivering speciality products, nobody does it better than SurgimedCart!


To be a pioneer in changing the perception around cancer.


Consistent Quality Timely delivery!

COMPANY Objectives
  • Deliver the right medicine to cancer patients at the right time across all locations.
  • Whilst ensuring the highest standards of quality.
  • Assuring 100% customer and supplier satisfaction.
  • Aiming to simplify the supply chain of cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment.
  • Empowering both sides of the chain with the power of data, technology and innovation.
  • Making cancer care affordable by eliminating the multi-layered supply chain.
  • Building a world that runs faster than cancer.

One Team. One mission. One Vision.







What we are Going

At SurgimedCart, we believe in building relations that strengthens over generations. We believe in professional quality delivered with personal empathy. That’s why we strive in every step to become a close partner that pulls the cart of your business. We ensure that every medicine reaches a patient. Every cure saves a life. And every effort makes a difference.

There is always a scope for improvement even for the best. And we are leading the road on that note.