SOP for COVOD-19 for Home

SOP for COVOD-19 for Home
  1. Objective: To lay down the procedure for prevention of COVID-19 at home.
  2. Scope: This procedure is applicable to the home of everyone.
  3. Responsibility: Every member of the home.
  4. Accountability: Housewife in the home.
  5. Procedure: 
    1. Visits to the Market
      1. Always wear a triple layer /N95 nose mask or use face cover when you go out of your home.
      2. Wear dedicated plastic slippers for the market.
      3. Make a distance of a minimum of 6 feet from any person or shopkeeper in the market.
      4. Don’t touch anything unnecessarily outside your home.
      5. Don’t touch your face with your hand when you are outside your home.
      6. Keep a small pack of hand sanitizer (containing 70% alcohol) in with you and always sanitize your hands if you feel you touched anything suspicious in the market.
      7. Try to keep away the material from your body when carrying from the market. It is better to have a plastic bucket with you when going to the market. Put the material in the bucket and carry it to your home.
      8. Go to the market only when it is urgent. Try to go once or twice a week.Note: You don’t need to wear a nose mask at your home unless you have an influenza-like illness (ILI).
    2. Payment in Market
      1. Try to make digital payments using the mobile app.
      2. Don’t take paper currency from any shopkeeper because it may carry coronavirus.
      3. If you give a paper currency note to the shopkeeper then purchase with the whole amount and don’t take money back.
      4. If in any circumstances you take paper currency from the market then keep it in your hand until your home and disinfect it using cloth iron. Iron the currency on both sides. The person visited the market will not touch the iron, he will put the currency note on the surface and another family member will iron.
      5. Disinfect the currency coins with 70% alcohol-based sanitizer or soap and water.
      6. Wash your hands with soap and water after currency disinfection.
    3. Use of Public Lift/Staircase
      1. It is better to use the staircase instead of a public lift in the current situation.
      2. Don’t touch the staircase with your hands.
      3. If it is required to use lift then keep some paper pieces in your pocket and touch the push button with your finger covered with paper.
      4. Remove and throw the paper in the waste bin immediately when you come out of the lift without touching it from outside.
      5. Maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance from others in the lift, it is better to use it individually.
    4. Entrance in Home

      1. Don’t touch the door, call house members to open the door when you enter.
      2. Put the material at a dedicated place near the door like a table or any box.
      3. Go to the washroom and wash your hands and face with soap for at least 20 seconds.
      4. Put off your clothes and dip those in detergent solution and bath with soap (you can skip this step if you feel that you have not visited a crowded area).
      5. Wash your plastic street slipper properly with a detergent solution.
    5. Visit of the Outsider

      1. If anyone outsider like plumber/electrician/mechanic visits your home then make sure he doesn’t have a fever. You can check it with an infrared thermometer.
      2. First of all allow him to sanitize his hands with sanitizer or soap and water.
      3. Don’t allow him to touch anything except his work.
      4. Sanitize the place and equipment he used with soap solution after completion of work.
    6. Disinfection of Home

      1. Mop the floor daily in the morning with a 2% detergent solution/ 1% sodium hypochlorite solution.
      2. Disinfect the main door handle and doorbell with 70% alcohol-based liquid sanitizer.
    7. Disinfection of Kitchenware
      1. Kitchenware are generally cleaned by soap and don’t need to disinfect separately.
    8. Disinfection of Cloths

      1. Wash your clothes immediately with detergent when you come from outside the home.
      2. Wash your towel and daily use cloths frequently.
    9. Disinfection of Hands
      1. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with water and soap.
      2. Rub the soap on the palm, middle of the finger, nails and wrist properly for 20 seconds and wash with water.
      3. Alternatively you can use a sufficient quantity of the alcohol-based (70%) hand sanitizer to disinfect the hands.Note: You don’t need to sanitize your hands frequently unless you go out of your home but sanitize your hand before eating anything.
    10. Disinfection of Vegetables and Fruits

      1. In current circumstances it is necessary to disinfect the vegetables and fruits before consumption.
      2. Wash the vegetables and fruits with a 2% soap/detergent solution by rubbing with hands.
      3. Clean with tap water.
      4. Store in the refrigerator for use.
    11. Disinfection of Packaged Milk

      1. Wash the packet with 2% soap/ detergent solution by rubbing with hand.
      2. Wash with tap water.
      3. Cut the pack; pour into pan and heat to boil.
      4. If you take milk from milkman then make proper distance during the process and boil the milk immediately.
    12. Disinfection of Food Material
      1. Unpacked food material that can’t be washed must be stored at a dedicated place for at least 72 hours or as per Annexure – I before its consumption.
      2. Avoid purchasing the dairy product from the market and you can prepare sweets and other products at your home.
    13. Disinfection of Other Items
      1. The non-food items must be stored at a dedicated place for at least 72 hours or as per Annexure – I before use.
    14. Boost your Immunity
      1. It is required for everyone to improve the immunity these days.
      2. Daily practice Yogasana, Pranayam and Meditation for at least 30 minutes.
      3. Drink herbal tea made from Basil, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Dry Ginger and Raisin once or twice a day.
      4. Add jaggery and /or fresh lemon juice to your taste, if needed.
  6. Abbreviations COVID-19 : Corona Virus Disease 2019

Survival Time of Corona Virus on Different Surfaces

Surface Time Duration
Aluminium 2-8 hours
Wood 4 days
Plastic 2-5 days
Metal 5 days
Paper 3 hours to 5 days
Ceramic 5 days
Steel 2-28 days
Glass 4-5 days

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