Surgical Equipment

SurgimedCart is committed to delivering the prime quality surgical tools to every corner of the world. The cart includes surgery instruments, surgical blade, surgical forceps, surgical equipment, surgical scissors and much more. Starting with the remotest locations in India, SurgimedCart is reaching far and wide to deliver the tools much needed to save lives not only in the developed the greens of earth but also in the developing portion of this planet.

Surgical Equipment
Product List
1 Bd Discardit Ii Syringe 2ml
2 Bd Discardit Ii Syringe 5ml
3 Himalaya Absorbent Gauze Cloth Sch.f-ii
4 Intracath-2 I.v. Cannula Set
5 Iv Cannula Fixr.girnar
6 Lister #11 Surgical Blade
7 Nulife Latex Surgical Gloves
8 Parakin Latex Examination Gloves
9 Polymed I.v. Set
10 Polyway 3 Way Stop Cock
11 Port Infusion Set 20g
12 Romsons 3 Way Stop Cock
13 Safti Ultra Guard
14 Shu Mediplus Infusion Set 21g
15 Top Spinal Needle
16 Venflon Nos 22
17 Winged Infusion Set 20g
18 Winged Infusion Set 22g


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