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The best solutions are born from collaborations! That’s why we seek distributors and manufacturers who value ‘Quality and ethics’ to join us in Re-engineering the pharma speciality distribution chain. Let’s be vocal for our local products, take them global and be a part of the 2020 ‘Atmanirbhar’ Bharat.

SurgimedCart works in close proximity with manufacturing partners as a single-point contact. We delve deep to understand the unique needs of each product. This has proven to be path-breaking in maintaining the optimum quality at each phase of delivery.

Why Choose Us?

Single Point Distribution

IT, Marketing & Management

Why hire an entire town when you can just outsource to a trusted partner?

Nation-wide Network

Reach every corner of the country through our retail and wholesale outlets.

Cold Chain Shipment

Be assured of product preservation with our cold supply chain management.

Insights to exclusive data

Carve your path ahead of the peers with insight data for predictive analytics.

Service that surpass all!

Enjoy international standards of assistance 24/7 at the most competitive prices.

We Are Looking For

Certified company

If you are a registered company then we would love to partner.

Quality control

We take quality protocol very seriously; we hope you do too.

Reasonable Rates

Competitive pricing is crucial to make medicines accessible.

SurgimedCart is a single window offering diverse products to distributors. Distributors can build a diverse portfolio with our extensive product range. We give you access to rare and exclusive life-saving medicines. We bring you advanced surgical tools and diagnostic kits.

Why Choose Us?


Get your supplies sorted from one single source.


Flaunt the best pharmaceutical brands in your band.


Leverage the value of SurgimedCart’s brand name.


Grow abound with the power of digital marketing.


Build a diversified portfolio with our ever-growing basket!


Climb the ladder with professional training from experts.

We Are Looking For


Registration is a must in partners we can trust.


Documentation is the key transparent relations.


Any business deal is sealed by an investment!

Manufacturing Partners
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