5 big challenges faced by Pharma Distributors

5 big challenges faced by Pharma Distributors

Pharma Distributors are no doubt the fore wheels of the pharma industry. They not just push the products forward but balances the entire chain on a pin point. And that is no way an easy job. There are many challenges faced by Pharma Distributors.
From connecting to the manufacturers to reaching out to the retailers, hospitals, doctors and patients, it is the distributors who bridge the gap.
Pharma Distributors are the thread that connects the products and pharmacies, health care providers and patients.
They are like the conveyor belt that brings the right package to the right person.
Though challenging but it sure is a thriving sector. Check out these 5 quick facts:

  1. Pharmaceutical sales flowing through distributors is on a high rise.
  2. The percentage of “Specialty drugs” sales through distributors is higher.
  3. The avg. number of manufacturers per distributor is slopping down.
  4. Hospitals and specialty pharmacies are the biggest customers for distributors.
  5. The avg. number of SKUs per distributor is growing.

These facts sure reveal a glorious picture of the growing pharma distribution sector.
But there is another side of the same story. Checkout these most common concerns highlighted by the Pharma Distributors.

5 Challenges Faced by Pharma Distributors

  1. Non availability of Products
    Non availability of products is a big blow to the sales. And it is a reality in the pharma distribution chain.
    A study revealed that the sales loss due to unavailability of drugs ranges up to five per cent.
    This can lead to a revenue loss of 30 per cent to 50 per cent.
    This is a big blow to the pharma market.
  1. Overstocking
    The second hurdle follows the first. Overstocking of products follows the non-availability of it.
    Overstocking of the products is the No. 1 reason goods are returned to distributors. This not only creates a backward thrust but also disrupts the supply chain.
    Not to forget that most drugs come with an expiry date.
    This definitely creates a chaos in the supply chain that needs some immediate actions.
  1. Trail and tracking systems
    The biggest nightmare of a distributor is keeping a track of the shipments. The misplaced packages get no explanation or investigation.
    This is particularly a problem in India. With poor roads and slow transit times shipments out there are at a risk.
  1. Delivery in emergency
    Delivery of drugs in case of emergencies is a big crisis in India. The unorganized distribution chain fails to match up the inherent humanitarian emergencies.
    This often leads to a proliferation of fake, substandard, and poorly regulated medical products.  
  1. Unsafe Storage
    Medical tools, equipment and drugs need proper storage. Unsafe storage or poor warehousing leads to deterioration of the quality of the medicines.
    If the chemical loses its efficacy then it becomes useless.
    The patients blame the manufacturers, though it was the warehousing who was at fault.|
    Thus, a significant amount of wastage can be prevented by undertaking quality warehousing.

SurgimedCart Promises to play a Transformational Role
The 5 challenges faced by Pharma Distributors is well covered in the vision of SurgimedCart. SurgimedCart aims to reshape the supply chain of Indian pharmaceuticals.
It ensures maintaining product safety and quality during distribution across the supply chain. SurgimedCart commits to introduce quality and sound practices in the entire pharma distribution supply chain.

How it helps?

  1. SurgimedCart takes care of the costs till the last mile.
  2. It ensures moving medicines to patients quickly.
  3. With advanced ERP solution, SurgimedCart keeps a close trail of the products.
  4. This makes revoking any faulty shipment a breeze.
  5. Aligning with SurgimedCart makes you a part of the fastest distribution channel.

We live in a fast-paced world where the pharma chain is still trapped in the traditional age-old paper trail. Streamlining things with the right use of technology and mind would bring a new dawn in the pages of Indian pharma industry!

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